Character name is pepper

Pepper is a loving pup. she is a schnauzer. Pepper loves to meet new friends and if they are in need will help them in any way she can.


Pepper is married to Marshall and has two puppies named Dillon and Darcie at the age of 1 (human) year old. (The later of which also has two puppies named Patches and Sara.) Pepper was a stray before she joined the paw patrol. Pepper was a stray as her dad was abusive and her mom ended up getting hit by a car and being killed. Pepper ran away to avoid being hurt by her abusive father and later rescued a paw patrol member to be able to join the paw patrol.

Behind the scenes

pepper was asked multiple questions. Here are her answers.

Question 1. How do you think you got your name? Peppers response. I think I got my name due to my black flakes of fur that my mother thought looked like big flakes of pepper.

Question 2. About how long have you been in the paw patrol? Peppers response. About a year and a half.

Question 3. How long ago did you have your puppies? Peppers response. About a year ago.

Question 4. How long ago did you get married? Peppers response. About nine months ago.

Question 5. What is your favorite food? Peppers response. Probably spaghetti.